Does the lamp need to be plugged in to a power outlet?

No, it is fully solar powered and does not need to be plugged into a power outlet. During the day, the solar panels on the top charges the built-in batteries.

Can I leave the lamp outdoors?

Yes, the lamp is weather-proof and is designed to be left outdoors.

How long does the battery last?

The battery lasts for approximately 5 hours on a full charge at maximum brightness.

Will the lamp tip over in a storm?

The hollow base is designed to be filled with water or sand. This makes the base heavy and allows the lamp to be able to withstand strong winds and heavy rains without tipping over.

How bright is the lamp?

The lamp is very bright. It also comes with a dimmer so you can adjust the brightness to match the space and environment.

Is it difficult to set up?

No, not at all. It takes approximately 5 minutes to assemble and does not require any tools.

Do I have to charge it?

No, it is designed to be charged by the sun alone. Just leave it outside during the day, and it's ready to be used at night.

Can I use the light and bluetooth speaker separately? 

Yes, you can use either or both at the same time.